C O C O    G I R L S    A N D     B O Y S

are you wondering what we’ve been doing since our Aqua EP? We’re actually writing on the next coco release already, wuhu (not sure if it’ll be an EP or LP yet, but it’s happening)! ︎ It’s gonna be a different sound again, perhaps you can catch a first sneak preview in one of our live concerts the coming weeks. We’ll keep you posted and hope to see you soon!

Loads of luuuuuv, your coco bois 



about us

We’re Color Comic from Munich, making Island-Indie. Why Island-Indie you ask?
Because it's our musical piece of land where we write music, just the way we think it’s sweet.

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 our music

Come, take a stop on the island! New stuff coming soon, so stay tuned peoplezzz. 

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press & tech

You can download our tech rider/stage plan and press kit here: