The third EP was not created in the band room at the Chiemsee anymore, but between our new wallpapers in Munich. The symbol of aqua describes the diversity and formability of relationships that we previously went through, resembling our personal experiences.

Tracklist ︎
1. Away
2. Coherent
3. Paramount
4. Thanks For The Bliss
5. Losing It
6. A Little Less Than Truth
7. It’s What You Want That I Don’t Have



COCO is our first LP, which we recorded and produced DIY and which, thanks to your massive support in a crowdfunding project, could be published as a mini comic book. :^)

Tracklist ︎
1. Chocolat de Coco
2. Tropical Gamma
3. Whirlpool
4. Honeycrisp
5. Alpine Beach
6. All Yours, All Mine
7. Venice
8. Curacao
9. Avocado
10. Who’s the Fool?
11. Pomegrenade
12. The Waves We Had
13. To The Beach
14. Hitch Hiker
15. Black Light



Right the day after the release of the first EP we started writing on the second EP Pine, in which we processed our oceanic longing but also our love for the alpine surroundings.

Tracklist ︎
1. Black Light
2. Miss Melon
3. Hitch Hiker
4. Sun
5. Karekare



After covering a lot of songs from bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers or Two Door Cinema Club in the beginning, we released our first EP Artless in 2015.

Tracklist ︎
1. Mind Of Mine
2. To The Beach
3. Money Monkey
4. Colorized
5. Pick It! Trick It!
6. Artless
7. 10/10/10